The School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) is responsible for delivery of Professional Military Education and Training (PMET) courses to airmen, airwomen and officers in the Royal Australian Air Force. Additionally, SPS imparts the core skills and knowledge required for personnel who have been selected for command appointments and Squadron and Base Warrant Officers.

SPS will move from PMET to the new Professional Military Education (PME) program from mid-2019. The new PME will play a key role in developing the workforce to operate and exploit the advantages of the Fifth Generation capabilities Air Force is gaining. PME will develop people with innovative and inquiring minds, who can work as part of a disciplined team drawn from all services, the APS, Industry and other Government Agencies.

Air Force PME will provide through career learning and education via a range of blended learning courses through on-line and residential components using a range of delivery methods. PME will include a number of pathways to develop enlisted airmen to Warrant Officer and the Senior Enlisted Leadership Team and officers to Squadron Leader and into the Australian Command and Staff College. PME will be modularised based on four broad themes of air power, leadership, business skilling and communications across four core levels. Each theme will promote resilience and develop the emotional intelligence skills needed to operate in volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous situations.

SPS will conduct courses in a number of location across Australia and conduct training for up to 6000 students per year when PME is fully rolled out in 2021. This represents a significant proportion of the Air Force population. The training provided in Air Force PME is fundamental to both shaping the organisation’s culture and developing the potential of those who undertake its courses, and thereby contributing directly to Air Force capability. SPS challenges each student to actively accept the responsibility for their rank and to apply the concepts and ideas learned through PME, back in their respective workplace.

Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld, AO, DSC with the most recent level 1 award recipients within the Wirraway Program, Aircraftman Jason Mosticone (centre) and Aircraftman Kayla Enchong (right).


SPS uses the principle of ‘method as model’. Everything that we do should model the organisation that Air Force seeks to create. Therefore, SPS strives to model Air Force values; Respect, Excellence, Agility, Dedication, Integrity and Teamwork.

SPS encourages self-learning through experiential activities and an open feedback process. Residential course facilitators contextualise the students learning so that it applies to each individual’s workplace, thereby reinforcing the relevance of the experience.

The courses are also designed to challenge the students, providing the opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction from the experience. The Air Force suite of PMET courses require professionalism and commitment from students and SPS staff strive to help each individual derive personal meaning from their experience. Overall, the courses promote personal growth through self-knowledge and professional growth through shared knowledge.