RAAFSALT has created a learning environment where students are empowered to learn through their preferred style, research through different methods, collaborate with their course peers, and build meaningful and lasting networks.

Learning is consolidated through simulated activities in a student-centred learning environment with blended learning as a key enabler, students are taught ‘how to think’ as opposed to ‘what to think’ and graduate prepared to operate in complex operational environments


The Royal Australian Air Force School of Administration and Logistics Training (RAAFSALT) was established on 01 December 2005. RAAFSALT was formed when three former training centres - RAAF School of Technical Training Squadron of Clerical and Supply Training (SCST), Ground Training Wing Health Services Training Flight (HSTF) and Ground Training Wing Training Programs Development Flight (TPDF) were amalgamated. In 2014, the RAAF Training Flight of Air Mobility Training and Development Unit (AMTDU) was integrated into RAAFSALT. The Unit now operates from four detachments (Wagga, Richmond, Amberley, and Darwin) and consists of 101 personnel across a variety of service categories. RAAFSALT is the second largest Air Force learning institution in terms of annual student throughput and is responsible for the provision of initial and post-initial employment training in support of personnel, logistics, and training systems capability.  The RAAFSALT mission is to provide relevant, engaging and innovative learning that meets the capability requirements for the Royal Australian Air Force and broader Australian Defence Force now and into the future.

Initial employment training for the following musterings and categories is conducted by RAAFSALT:

  • Personnel Capability Officer (PCO)
  • Personnel Capability Specialist (PCS)
  • Logistics Officer (LOG)
  • Supply (SUP)
  • Training Systems Officer (TSO)
  • Movements (MOV)

In addition to initial employment training, RAAFSALT provide specialist postgraduate and regrading courses for logistics and training systems roles including the provision of dangerous goods training as part of a joint training agreement.


MISSION. To graduate combat ready personnel with the knowledge, skills and fifth generation attributes necessary for joint warfighting success.



1. People. Work together to foster a culture of safety, empowerment and inclusiveness.

2. Capability. Understand current and emerging strategic workforce requirements, and demonstrate the agility to adapt and align our training with these requirements.

3. EEE. Deliver effective, efficient and essential training in support of the Air Commander’s current force generation requirements.

4. Innovation. Embrace new thinking that optimises the learning experience for both instructors and students, and utilises modern learning tools and methods to achieve training objectives.

SALT Badge RAAF Base Wagga

VISION. RAAFSALT is the premier Air Force training unit dedicated to maximising the full potential of all staff and students.


Supply Initial Employment Training (Gap Year and PAF) - Wagga

Personnel Capability Specialist Initial Employment Training – (Gap Year and PAF) - Wagga

Movements Initial Employment Training – Wagga/Richmond

Training System Officer Initial Employment Training – Flexible Workplace Pathway

Logistics Officer Initial – Wagga

Personnel Capability Officer Initial Employment – Wagga

Personnel Capability Officer Advanced - Canberra

10K Forklift Endorsement – Richmond

Dangerous Goods Pack Accept Air – Refresher - Flexible Online Delivery

Dangerous Goods Pack Accept Air Initial – Darwin, Amberley and Australia wide as required

Dangerous Goods Road Rail and Sea – Darwin, Amberley and Australia wide as required.

Air Movements Load Planning – Richmond

C-17A Load / Unload – Amberley

C-27J Load/Unload – Richmond

C-27J Load Planning – Richmond

Logistics Officer Executive – Canberra

Supply Supervisor – Wagga

Air Force Trainer – Wagga

Air Force Performance Assessor – Flexible Online Delivery

Training Management – Wagga Wagga

ADF Training Developer – Wagga

Movements Manager – Wagga

Movements Supervisor – Richmond