1RTU Graduation Parades commence at 10:30 am. Visitors should be seated in the two large sheltered seating areas at the Parade Ground no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the parade. Escorts and guides will be located down the main road and around the parade ground to assist visitors. Seating is generally not reserved. The parade will take about 45 minutes.


After the parade, a Graduation Ceremony is held to acknowledge award winners, present graduation certificates and to further celebrate the achievements of the graduating course. The Graduation Ceremony  allows an opportunity for guests and recruits to gather in a social environment and to speak with course staff and 1RTU executive.


After the Graduation Ceremony, recruits may then escort their friends and family to 1RTU and tour the facilities. A light lunch will be provided for recruits and their families at 1RTU. Professional photographs and DVDs depicting members of the graduating course will also be available for purchase.


The dress for guests at the Graduation Parade is a minimum of neat casual. Current serving members of the ADF may wear appropriate civilian attire or their uniform. Minimum uniform standard is Ceremonial Dress 3. Navy and Army members are to wear their Service equivalent.



For a number of reasons, recruits may not complete recruit training within their originally designated timeframe. Sometimes these eventualities cannot be prevented and may occur at short notice. Visitors are strongly encouraged to purchase deferrable and/or refundable travel tickets and accommodation bookings, as well as taking out travel insurance or make other suitable arrangements to protect against loss or expense arising from such eventualities.


Whilst every effort is made to notify visitors as soon as possible, the Commonwealth is not responsible and accepts no liability for any loss suffered or expense incurred arising from such eventualities.



In the event of inclement weather (thunderstorms and heavy rain), the 1RTU Graduation Parade will not occur and 1RTU will proceed directly to the Graduation Ceremony. Guests will be advised on these arrangements as early as possible.


Enquiries for Graduation Parade information can be made by contacting the Induction Centre on 0428698342.