The DHA Wagga Wagga property management team would like to welcome all the new Defence families and hope that they have settled into the region. This posting season we experienced a significant heat wave, and are now enjoying the start of the changing of the seasons. For those who have posted in from localities such as Darwin or Townsville, we advise that winter in Wagga Wagga can see temperatures drop as low as zero degrees Celsius overnight with daily averages climbing to only 12-14 degrees. With this in mind, DHA Wagga recommends that all households test the ducted heating units as soon as the weather cools down.


Step by step guide on how to prepare your heater:

Clean and close the evaporative cooler air vents throughout the house (square shaped vents). Locate the heating grill, unscrew it and vacuum the filter pad (do this fortnightly throughout winter as this ensures the air being pushed through your ducted heating is clean and also prevents the motor from overheating). Open the heating vents in each room that you wish to heat (circular vents).

If you find your heater is not functioning, please report this ASAP by calling 139 342 to ensure maintenance is completed before winter arrives.

Keeping warm in winter without excessive gas bills! 

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to start preparing for your first Wagga winter and those trips to the snowfields. While ducted heating is very effective, incorrect use of the system can cause higher than expected gas bills.

Here are some tips:

  • Close off one or two bedrooms in the house, and close doors to re-direct the heating to the living areas.
  • Use door runners to keep cold air from blowing in through gaps under doors.
  • Close the blinds on windows.
  • If you have curtain rails in your property, use them.
  • Vinyl backed curtains are the best self-help option to insulate your home further.
  • Use rugs in tiled areas and ensure all family members have slippers or non-slip home socks as the tiles remain cold.
  • Wear warm clothing even when you are inside your home.
  • Use warm bedding such as flannelette sheets and plush blankets.


Many people see being posted here as a great excuse to update their winter wardrobe!

Most importantly, we recommend setting your heating temperature to no more than 19 degrees. When it’s five degrees outside, 19 degrees inside the home is warm.

On behalf of DHA, we would like to officially welcome you to Wagga Wagga once again and we hope you have a great posting.


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