School of Postgraduate Studies

The School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) is responsible for delivery of Professional Military Education and Training (PMET) courses to airmen, airwomen and officers in the Royal Australian Air Force. Additionally, SPS imparts the core skills and knowledge required for personnel who have been selected for command appointments.

img_9552Education is the foundation of professional mastery and Air Force PMET is designed to produce people who not only understand the “family business” but who can also consistently apply sound judgement in complex and ambiguous situations.

Air Force PMET is a continuum of distance and residential courses undertaken at each rank level and are comprised of five modules: Airpower, Leadership, Values and Ethics, Military Management and Communication. To meet the Air Force PMET responsibility, SPS conducts approximately 70 residential courses annually, of 10 days duration each, and delivers six self-paced distance-learning courses. The distance courses provide students with the underpinning knowledge in the five key areas mentioned above, and the residential courses provide an opportunity to build on this foundation knowledge.

On average, SPS interacts with some 2,500-3,000 students per year. This represents a significant proportion of the Air Force population. The leadership training provided in Air Force PMET is fundamental to both shaping the organisation’s culture and developing the potential of those who undertake its courses, and thereby contributes directly to Air Force capability. SPS challenges each student to actively accept the responsibility for their rank and to apply the concepts and ideas learned through PMET, back in their respective workplace.

Our training philosophy

SPS uses the principle of ‘method as model’. Everything that we do should model the organisation that Air Force5_-_paddle_and_pilot_5 seeks to create. Therefore, SPS strives to model Air Force values; Respect, Excellence, Agility, Dedication, Integrity and Teamwork.

SPS encourages self-learning through experiential activities and an open feedback process. Residential course instructors/facilitators contextualise the students learning so that it applies to each individual’s workplace, thereby reinforcing the relevance of the experience. The courses are also designed to challenge the students, providing the opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction from the experience. The Air Force suite of PMET courses require professionalism and commitment from students and SPS staff strive to help each individual derive personal meaning from their experience. Overall, the courses promote personal growth through self-knowledge and professional growth through shared knowledge.